I’ve been gone from here a lot, between a trip, normal life, working out at the Y, and just plain lack of content streaming forth from my brain. So I figured I’d better catch up for a bit, because who knows if I’ll be posting anything tomorrow.

I can proudly report that for the first time in my life, I have been to the gym–and worked out–six times. That is spread over the course of two weeks, which is on track for the kick back we get from the health insurance company to subsidize membership. But while six times in two weeks may not sound like much, compare it to my previous track record, which, as has been pointed out is…well…zero times in ever. So far, I’m winning.

The fact of the matter is that my body aches, but it hurts for a shorter period of time after the workout with each successive trip. After that, it’s just that nagging soreness that comes with little things. Like moving. Or thinking. Seriously, though, I’m feeling muscles developing in places that haven’t had them developed in quite some time–that some time being ever, since one thing I’m noticing is firmer abs. But the weight loss is still to come in the quantities I’m hoping for, but in two weeks, I’ve shaved 3 pounds, which potentially could also be attributed to shedding.

It’s an odd motivation, though, this business of wanting to go to the gym. I mean, after the day off, I usually want to go again, and I’m not entirely sure why. I’m still sore, I’m still out of shape. I still would much prefer to sit on the couch eating chocolate covered butter-flavored pork rinds, but in the end, I do go–and this is greatly thanks to Jenni for being my tag-team partner in this.

That’s what’s making it work so far, going every time with Jenni and working on our health and fitness together. It’s one thing to admit to yourself you’re fat or out-of-shape, or wanting to do something about it, but it’s quite another to admit it to someone else and actually say the words “we have to do something about this,” and then actually do it and stick to it. And through two weeks we have. And I think we will for quite some time. I have a goal, and I really want to see myself get there.

Elsewhere, in my life, I almost hate to say it, but after work, I’m finding less desire to sit down at the computer for the entire evening, even though that’s one of the prime distractions I have around here. I’ve watched some of the recorded TV I have, or some of the Netflix stuff I have queued up. I’ve even read some of an e-book I have checked out, along with a couple of gluten-free cookbooks I’m using as reference material.

So that’s where I’ve been, and where I’m going for now. Stay tuned for more…Sometime.


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