First off, to everyone who wished us well for our 18th anniversary, thank you very much.


Jenni and I celebrated Monday night at the Lexington, a restaurant that has been at the corner of Grand and Lexington forever, it seems, and has been trying to update itself from its standard steak-and-martini fare.


We did not have a martini, but we did partake in a lot of beef. So that was worthwhile. As was my creme brulee…


Last night was conference night for the girls, and just because we have twins, that means 30 minutes in the same area with two different teachers. Add the drive to and from the school, and by the time I got home, I didn’t want to write.


Tonight was busy too, with Patrick hanging around school so he could perform in the pep band for the football game, and the girls, Jenni and I went to Feed My Starving Children to pack food for…well…starving children.


The upshot is this: sixty percent of the household has no school the rest of the week. The adult portion of the house has work during that time frame, but fortunately the evenings look clear for now. Save for possibly starting to look for kittens Friday or Saturday–I’m missing having a cat. It’s been forever since I haven’t had a pet cat in my life. If and when we get two (that’s the plan, anyway), you’ll see it here.


See you tomorrow.

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