Welcome to a new feature here at the ol’ blog, wherein I lay out the guilty pleasures I enjoy both around this time of year and during the rest of the year. Might as well give thanks for all of them and air my shame all at the same time, right?

First up, I’ll celebrate the odd and wonderful collection of off-beat websites I visit. Some I go to on a daily or weekly basis. Others are seasonal or occasional destinations. And those that are occasional are occasional for reasons you’ll discover here shortly.

CaptureA couple of years ago, my darling wife introduced me to this little pop culture horror show, which is a surprising and always entertaining mix of pop culture appreciation and deprecation. The site celebrates the good in all pop culture, but also revels in the train wreck that can be some of the great pop culture misses of all time.

Over the last couple of years, the site has hilariously reviewed, song-by-song and disc-by-disc, several Time-Life CD music collections, the worst of the Billboard Top 100 throughout the ’90s (often arriving at the “what were we thinking?” conclusion), and, during the holiday season, offers reviews of some of the greatest Christmas recordings most of us have never heard.

They call the feature “Mellowmas,” and this is the feature I was first introduced to by Jenni.

Mellomas features two of the staff writers for the site commenting (occasionally profanely, depending on just how bad or over-the-top the song is) on the selected song for that day. The song is offered in a player on the page, and you can read along through the comments and almost follow them as the song progresses, thus welcoming you into an almost “Mystery Science Theater 3000” style running commentary on the songs. If you hit the link above, you’ll find several years’ worth of the Mellowmas entries, just waiting for you to waste an entire afternoon on.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh. And you’re welcome.

See you tomorrow.


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