Yes, Virginia, I’m a geek. Or nerd. Or both. Probably even more.


I have surrounded myself in technology’s warm humming glow. I keep a bunch of my music in the cloud, keep my calendar in the cloud, store several gigabytes of self-identified “important” files in the cloud so I can get to them from anywhere at any time, have six e-mail addresses that I can easily recall and actively log into, pay all but one bill electronically, and generally try to figure out how to e-mail something before I’ll consider sending a hard copy of anything anywhere anymore.


I spent most of my free time between calls at work yesterday reorganizing the bookmarks in my browser, and because I’ve configured Chrome as I have, it automatically organized the bookmarks the same way on the browser on all of my computers as well. That made me happy.


I’ve undertaken a project to clean up, consolidate, update, and attach photos to my contacts list on my phone. And I think that’s mostly complete so that when I get a phone call or text from someone in my contacts list, it calls up a picture of them.


I have three computers at my desk at work, four at home, plus a home server, and my phone, which I think at times I’d prefer to have a limb severed than live without mainly because I can access almost everything I have in the cloud from my phone.


I can record some television shows from select cable channels or from over-the-air on two of my home computers, record from any channel we receive on the TiVo and transfer that to almost any of the computers in the house, and can stream several TV stations, and multiple movies and TV shows from the internet.


Yet, I am missing something.


There’s a convergence that I’m longing for and yet haven’t been able to find–at least not in the form that I want. Well, truth be told, I’m probably wanting more convergences, but there’s one I really want and am trying to figure out.


I currently clip recipes and put them into several apps in the cloud so they can be stored and retrieved. (I know there are those of you who may gasp audibly when you hear that I’m actually keeping recipes, but I keep them for two reasons: one is so that I can accurately make it (if it’s bread or something else that requires some precision), and the other is that I may just have skimmed it and will want to go back and read it thoroughly to see why and how it produces the dish it does).


I also use a shopping list application that allows anyone whom I have given access to to enter items into a shopping list in the app, and I can access and refresh the list from my phone to use while shopping.


I also have been using a weight loss/diet tracker so that I can track the food I eat and the exercise I do. Because actually seeing some of that stuff in writing does make an impact.


Yet I want them to converge: I want to be able to use the recipe app(s) to choose a recipe to make, slot it into the calendar for the week as I’m trying to plan out a menu, and then have it spit out a shopping list that I can refer to on my phone and then make the nutrition information from the food available to the diet tracker.


But alas, no such meeting of these diverse and yet interrelated applications exists. And yes, I’m trying to teach myself some development skills to find a way to have these apps intermingle on my Android phone…However, progress may be slow. Just last night, after a couple of weeks of having the Android developers kit downloaded, I finally figured out how to make an app that plays a tone when you push the lone button it has on the screen. Or at least it did on the emulator on my computer. I couldn’t get it to actually load on my phone.


Plugging data from one place to another seems a bit far off.


I’ll keep dreaming and working on it.


See you tomorrow.

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