For those who know us, you’re already aware that we like to stray off of the beaten path a bit.


So it probably comes as no surprise to you then that we spent Independence Day this year in a garage in Wisconsin throwing shaving cream pies at each other for fun and photos.


We’d only had one of those pictures up until now (no biggie, since the photographer for the session took off just days later to work at the Olympics in London, and actually has a business to run and did all of our pictures for a dozen cans of beer and the price of a new backdrop). But most of you have probably seen this from our Christmas card this year:



So here are some of the others.

Lathrop Pies LR 4

Lathrop Pies LR 8

Lathrop Pies LR 12

This is Zoe:

Lathrop Pies LR 17

This is Hannah:

Lathrop Pies LR 21

Lathrop Pies LR 27


I just love this one. It’s my favorite of the bunch. Easily–so many dynamics going on there, I just adore it. It’s three of my favorite ladies and all of their personalities in one picture:

Lathrop Pies LR 28


And finally, the kids…Getting revenge. Or something:


Lathrop Pies LR 31


Yes kids, this is what passes for fun in our house. Not a bad way to spend the Fourth of July.


See you tomorrow.

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