It’s interesting how much entertainment likes to mimic whatever is working at that time. Mad Men, a ’60s story set in an advertising agency, becomes a hit, and suddenly, you get a similar piece in Pan Am, a ’60s story set at the airline.

Mad Men works (so far at least…I’m still working through it) because it focuses a little bit on the time it’s set in as well, mirroring cultural moods. Pan Am (granted, I’ve only watched the first episode) has so far ignored the time outside of the true stories of requirements of their stewardesses.

It’s interesting to me that ideas like this one have to be copied, though honestly, at least in the case of Pan Am they chose an interesting subject: choosing any other airline wouldn’t have had the cache, and there would not have been a story if they’d tried to put it in any other time period.

But it’s also telling how things have to be different on different networks: Mad Men on AMC is a pretty slow-paced show. Pan Am is quick and doesn’t leave you much time to just soak in the show. But maybe they don’t want to.

So now I’m looking for my quick knock-off show. Some concept I can copy and just put in a different setting…We’ll see where that goes.

See you tomorrow.

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