We’re being invaded tonight here at the Lathropworld compound. Somehow we talked ourselves into hosting a multi-family movie night, coupled with a sleepover of some of the girls’ friends from school. In fact, several of them are actually riding home on the bus, so the squealing can begin early.


But don’t feel sorry for me. The one you should feel most sorry for is Patrick. He’s got the day off so he can recover after a hard first trimester of 10th grade. He’ll be stuck at home with the girly noise all alone for an hour or so. Poor guy…


So preparations of the casa de Lathropworld have been undertaken for the last couple of nights: cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, drinking….Oh, wait.


I can’t lie. I went out last night and drank. Drank far more than I usually do, but it was all in the name of education. It was ostensibly offered as a “class,” though even describing it as a demonstration would probably be going too far. It really was a sampling of what kinds of non-traditional cocktails can be had this time of year with a little experimentation and access to vast quantities of booze.


At least it was in¬†an academic setting: the University’s Campus Club. Thanks, dad, for taking me.


So what did I drink? One was a lavender color, fruity, with a citrus edge, and then, with the addition of a couple of dry ice pellets, it smoked and steamed. Then there was the vanilla peppermint cream drink, with the addition of some grenadine, it looked like a candy cane. There was a unique mulled wine with dark chocolate melted into it, and a coconut rum-based punch with ginger ale.


It was a nice run up to tonight’s invasion of so many pre-teen girls…But it’s turning into a fun night. Hopefully the girls are having fun, too.


Ah, the things we do as parents.


See you tomorrow.

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