Ah, the 4th of July–Independence Day. A day of picnics, parades, family gatherings, and fireworks.


For you maybe. But not us. Nope.


As if to just hammer home the point I made yesterday, we too took the path less traveled to celebrate Independence Day and our day off.


I’ll start at the end:


So here’s the story: The husband of one of Jenni’s coworkers is a professional photographer, and he tests his lights out by taking pictures of people getting shaving cream pies thrown at them. See, it’s about the whites and getting the proper contrast and everything.


Jenni volunteered us to help in the test. Yup. We were Pie Test Dummies.


We all woke up early–very early for a day off–dressed up a bit and headed to River Falls. There, in a garage that had been temporarily converted to a plastic-coated photo studio, were pie crusts, several cans of Barbasol, stacks of towels, the new lights, and a couple of cameras.


I have no idea how many pies we went through. But there were about 20 crusts.


Somewhere along the way, Jenni may have started to have second thoughts about this plan:


Each of us got pied at least twice. After the first one, Jenni was deep in her thought that this was not a good idea. Though somewhere along here, she got some shaving cream in her eye, but it didn’t really seem to put the damper on the situation.


And then there was the group pie-ing (is that even a word?). And eventually, the carnage you saw in the first picture resulted.


I almost hate to say it, but it was actually a lot of fun.


When we get the pictures from the photographer, I’ll share the highlights with you, but for now, you’ll have to be contented with this–yet another slow-motion video from the Lathrop clan:


Yep. Oddball, unusual, pie-shaped fireworks to celebrate your 4th of July. Because that’s how we roll around here.


See you tomorrow.

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