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Music of My Youth: The Ultravox Story

A lot of people have those go-to songs, or albums, or something special in their music collection that they always come back to. This is the story of one of those albums, and one of my favorite bands ever. The story begins because ages and ages ago, my friend Mark gave me an album that he didn’t want. Back in those days (1982), there was a music store within…

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Music of My Youth: Free to Be…You and Me

Ages and ages ago, or 1972 to be more precise, an album came out that was aimed squarely at kids around my age. It was Free to Be…You and Me. The album tried to build on a movement of the late ’60s and early ’70s to foster gender neutrality, racial equality, tolerance, and a belief that anyone could be whatever or whoever they wanted to be. It was produced by Marlo…

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